War On Science
March 19, 2012, 10:03am

From The Progress Report.

The effects of climate change could be felt nationwide this winter. Almost 50 percent of the continental United States experienced extreme warm temperatures, the 4th highest number ever recorded. On Wednesday, 577 temperature records were broken in a single day, 400 of them new record highs around the country. And yet, Republicans continue to deny the severity, or even existence, of climate change. The conservative Heartland Institute is bankrolling public school curriculums designed to teach young children that climate change is not a fact. GOP presidential candidates have called climate change a “hoax,” a “conspiracy,” and “unproven” on the campaign trail. The energy industry is also spending millions to ensure a pro-oil agenda. Oil and gas spent $146 million lobbying Congress last year, and over $18 million in federal campaign contributions.