Correcting media misinformation on Barbra Streisand’s cloning of her beloved dog, Samantha.
March 18, 2018, 11:21am

To clarity misinformation in a story issued by local Los Angeles television station, KABC, the nature of cloning occasionally results in the birth of a litter rather than a single animal. The cloning procedure in this case resulted in a litter of four beautiful puppies, three of which survived. The KABC story was inaccurate in it’s headline which stated that Ms. Streisand had had beloved Coton de Tuléar, Samantha, cloned twice. The fact is that in using the DNA of the animal, you never know if it will take or how many babies you get. This is sometimes the case with humans in the case in vitro fertilization.

Here is the correct story on the matter as it was first issued by Variety magazine: