Barbra on Climate Change.
November 02, 2012, 6:00am

By Barbra Streisand.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, I can’t comprehend how there are still climate change deniers out there. Yet there are. These last few days, we’ve all seen pictures of New Jersey and New York LITERALLY under water. And the extreme droughts in the Midwest, the floods in Vermont and the fires in Colorado and Texas this year only validate what nearly every leading scientist has confirmed: Climate change is REAL and causes extreme weather conditions.

No matter how loud Mother Nature screams, we never seem to listen. We’ve got to get serious about investing in solutions to this serious threat before it gets any worse. We know which party thinks that climate change is a hoax. We know whose policies will subsidize polluters over funding FEMA. Think about the opportunity we have to invest in new sources of technology that will produce clean energy and the millions of new jobs that will be created. One party is willing to have this conversation, the other won’t even sit at the table. This is no longer a fight about ideology. It’s a fight about the kind of world we want to pass on to our children. So, let’s start the conversation on November 6th at the voting booth and make our voices heard.

My Foundation started supporting climate change work in 1989, when I donated a quarter of a million dollars to support the work of environmental scientist Dr. Michael Oppenheimer at the Environmental Defense Fund. Since then, I, and others have spent countless millions on this issue. Unfortunately, due to the lack of political courage by some politicians and relentless lobbying and campaign contributions from the powerful oil and fossil fuel industries, progress on this issue has been impossible.