“Barbra Streisand Will Pay-Per-View Telecast Her New Year’s Concert”
August 17, 1999, 1:00am

“Don’t fret if you can’t afford to spend $2,500 for a ticket to attend Barbra Streisand’s millennium concert. If Barbra gets her way, you’ll be able to watch it from the comfort of your own home for $99.99! Although she’s earning $13 million for the Las Vegas show, Barbra wants to increase her take by airing her show on pay-per-view. She calculates she could take home an additional $50 million to start the New Year off right.”


The following letter was sent to the editor of Star:

“Janet Charlton’s current (Star, August 17, 1999) lead item on Barbra Streisand makes the third consecutive week of stories that show no relationship whatsoever to the truth. Is she channeling this stuff from outer space? There is no pay-per-view arrangement for Ms. Streisand’s millennium concert nor has one ever been contemplated.”