Barbra Streisand’s Malibu Neighbors Don’t Support Her Fight To Build Her Dream Home
April 08, 2000, 1:00am

After Barbra Streisand and James Brolin’s plans to build a new home next to their present Malibu residence were resoundingly approved by the Malibu Planning Commission and all other regulatory agencies, a sole neighbor appealed to stop the construction, saying it would cast a shadow on his home. When UCLA researchers proved this to be untrue and in spite of the fact that the Brolin’s had requested no waiver or variances and were in compliance with all city ordinances, the neighbor persisted fomenting false allegations about the nature of the Brolin’s proposed new home. Since this very local story has been given wide national media coverage, you might be interested in seeing letters from some of Ms. Streisand’s neighbors which appeared in a local Malibu paper (The Malibu Surfside News) supporting her right to enjoy the same application of the laws enjoyed by other Malibu residents. We also include her personal response to some of the most insane charges and responding ad that she and her husband took.