“GOP and Sotomayor: Some People Are Never Happy” by David B. Livingstone
June 16, 2009, 1:00am

Poor, poor Republican Party. After eight solid years of packing not only the federal judiciary but the U.S. Attorneys offices and the entire federal legal apparatus with right-wing loons, they must finally come to grips with the concept of a Supreme Court nominee credentialed from something other than a Liberty University comic book correspondence course. And she’s a woman. And one of them furriners to boot.

Wasn’t it only four/eight short years ago that proud pseudo-Texan George W. Bush was gladhanding his way through Miami and South Texas with Spanish homilies flowing from his lips like honey as various and sundry party apparatchiks babbled about Hispanic voters being a cornerstone of the “new” Republican base and a lynchpin of Republican electoral hopes for decades to come? Hispanics, they said, were social conservatives by nature – the “new,” bigger-tented GOP would happily roll out the welcome mat.

From: northstarwriters.com