“Meddling Streisand Drives Minnie Away From Wedding”
October 30, 2001, 2:00am

This was the latest of over a half dozen tabloid articles predicated on
the strange supposition that Barbra Streisand wished to oversee the expected
wedding of actress Minnie Driver and Ms. Streisand’s stepson, Josh Brolin, and
that this in some way affected that relationship. This fabricated “news”
story was refuted forcefully by Minnie Driver herself (see “Truth” below)
and Ms. Driver’s published personal comment was supplied to most of the
tabloids before they published their erroneous stories. That they refused to
publish or even be deterred by her strong quotes to the contrary proves that
these sensationalistic papers were not quite interested in truth but in some
dreamed-up fantasy that they are convinced commands the public’s interest.
Similarly, the Globe has advised us that they plan to do a story that Ms.
Streisand is “heartbroken” over the end of the Minnie Driver / Josh Brolin
relationship. Obviously, she wishes happiness for two people whom she cares for
greatly, but in this sad time of terrorist atrocity and the great loss our
nation and many of its families have suffered, it is criminal for these
thoughtless and unconcerned-about-the-truth publications to trivialize the
word “heartbroken,” a word which now has such real and personal meaning to us


“Barbra’s a very good friend, and she has never requested or suggested
involvement in any wedding plans. She respects other people’s territory.”
– Minnie Driver

This was also reflected in prior stories in People Weekly Magazine and
You Magazine:

“Whatever caused the split, there’s laughter at the suggestion that it
had anything to do with Driver’s prospective stepmother-in-law, Barbra
Streisand, who’s married to Josh’s father, James Brolin.”
People Weekly, October 22, 2001

“Ms. Driver is irritated by the notion (fueled by the American media)
that it (the wedding) will be a Barbra Streisand – rather than a Minnie
Driver – production.”
– You Magazine, July 2001

MORAL: Beware when tabloids say “sources say” or “a friend reveals.” It just
means they are making it up. Hasn’t everybody pretty much gotten that yet?