The Myth of the “Tax and Spend Liberal”
September 23, 2008, 1:00am

The McCain machine has attacked Barack Obama again using the tired Republican myth of the “tax and spend liberal.” BARACK OBAMA IS GOING TO GIVE 3 TIMES THE TAX CUTS AS JOHN MCCAIN TO 95% OF THE PEOPLE!!!… only the wealthiest Americans will pay a little more. How else can we pay for our country’s enormous budgetary needs?

And what does “spend” mean? Spending means meeting the needs of the people …to make sure the food we eat is safer, the water we drink is cleaner and the bridges and roads we drive on are stronger. It pays for fire fighters, policemen, teachers and schools. It’s not about big government, it’s about effective government. Don’t get fooled…Republicans are big spenders. They just spend the money on wars, defense contractors and tax breaks to corporations. For all this talk about about less government, the Republicans continue the policies that have led our country into the crisis of confidence we are experiencing now.

And now the word liberal. I AM SO SICK OF HEARING THIS WORD BEING MALIGNED! Because of liberals we have environmental protection and healthcare, women’s rights, the minimum wage, unemployment insurance, child labor laws, Social Security and Medicare. Liberals were liberators-they fought against slavery, fought for women to have the right to vote and fought to end segregation. I can’t stand it when Republicans put down the things that make America great.

So, as Barack Obama has said…enough is enough! It’s time Republicans retired this old myth and started engaging the nation in a conversation about the real policy differences that exist between these two Senators. Then the American voters will see that John McCain is just more of the same while Barack Obama is a catalyst for change this country so desperately needs.