No Truth In London Poster Rumor
July 03, 2007, 1:00am

It seems we have yet another example of irresponsible journalism. A falsehood masquerading as fact has somehow made its way into a reputable newspaper. An unsourced and fictitious claim from over 10 years ago has been printed as fact in a recent UK daily stating that Barbra supposedly had posters for the London 1994 concerts removed because they displeased her. The reporter did not call Ms. Streisand, her representatives or her record label to check the facts in order to report the truth.

For some writers with an agenda, good news is no news and bad news is good news… even if fabricated.


“I worked at Sony Music in 1994 and have investigated this piece of idle gossip thoroughly. I can tell you – categorically – that this story is completely untrue!” Paul Bursche, Communications Director, Sony BMG UK & Ireland.