Rest in peace, dear Cis.
May 03, 2020, 4:36pm
I first met Cis Corman in acting class when I was 16! She was 32 and had four children. She remained my best friend and surrogate mother since then. I treasured our lifelong friendship, her intelligence, her taste, and her integrity. I loved Cis dearly and will miss her forever. She was also Auntie Cis to my son Jason.
Cis cast our first film for Barwood Films, Up the Sandbox. Cis went on to become a pre-eminent casting director for Marty Scorsese, Sergio Leone, and Michael Cimino. She was the president of my Barwood Films and Barwood Television which received several Peabody awards for our television projects, several of which were Emmy winners, including three Emmys for Serving in Silence about gender discrimination in the military. We shared the conviction that a film has to serve some key social purpose, and the issues addressed in our television projects included the significant and disregarded history of women in film, the importance of gun control legislation (our film about the Long Island train massacre), gay adoption and one about non-Jewish rescuers who saved Jews during the Holocaust. 
Love you, Cis.