“Streisand and Brolin Hunt Surrogate Mom”
March 30, 1999, 2:00am

A tabloid story which asserts without naming any source that Barbra Streisand and James Brolin are planning to add to their family by hiring a surrogate mother to carry a baby for them. In classic tabloid style, the story is so far from having any basis in truth that it smacks of something dreamed up out of whole cloth in the hopes that it could attract attention. The Tabloid Tip-off that this is the case is the fact that the article s ludicrous quotes are attributed to a “family friend,” “pal,” “insider” or the always suspicious tabloid standby, “sources.” These attributions can simply be interpreted as non-attributions. Their use, particularly in tabloids, are warning that the “facts” are merely fantasies poured out of a tabloid hireling’s word processor.


The publication was advised in advance that there was no validity whatsoever in their story and that they were totally misinformed, if, in fact, they were informed at all. Contrary to the publication’s failure to attribute any of the story’s assertions to a named source from whom verification could be obtained, Truth Alert has obtained directly from Barbra Streisand and James Brolin their confirmation that this story has no basis whatsoever in fact. It is totally and exclusively a Tabloid Falsehood.