Tabloid Misstatement
August 11, 2004, 1:00am

TABLOID MISSTATEMENT: In the August 16 issue of the National Enquirer, the tabloid’s “gossip editor”
asserts that Barbra Streisand was not filming “Meet The Fockers” during the Democratic National Convention
and further asserts that, therefore, that was not the reason she was not in Boston. The Enquirer story, by the
paper’s gossipist-in-chief, fabricates a hallucinated list of other reasons, none related to reality.

THE TRUTH: Barbra Streisand was in California filming “Meet The Fockers” with Ben Stiller and her other
co-stars during the period of the Democratic convention in Boston. Contrary to the Enquirer assertion, there was
no correspondence concerning her possible attendance at the convention, since her filming schedule was a known
and precluding factor. The only element of truth in the Enquirer story is the fact that Barbra Streisand does
support the election of the Kerry/Edwards ticket. She has already participated importantly in this crucial
presidential election, having performed at a June 24th concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, which raised over
$5,000,000 for the Kerry campaign. Her personal comments delivered on that occasion and the much-lauded special
lyrics to “People” which she sang at the concert are available on this website in the “statements” section.