An Uninformed Public
August 16, 2004, 1:00am

The Republican Party and the Bush administration like to keep the public uninformed and in the dark as to what they are doing. This president has had fewer press conferences than any other president in recent history. It is difficult for the country to stay properly informed when we are constantly being fed half truths and lies of omission by the current administration. Every time they send a representative out to speak to the public, he is armed with the same set of message points and catch phrases creating an echo effect. After hearing the same message over and over again, the public begins to believe their words, whether they are true or not. It doesn’t help that the media is very slow in following up on the administration’s lies before questioning their policies. But no matter how hard the Bush Administration tries to avoid it, the realities about our current economic climate and this war need to be addressed. Bush has created the largest deficit in U.S. history. Most of our debt is owed to foreign countries, such as China and Japan. President Bush is driving the economy into the ground after he inherited a record surplus from the previous administration. We are stuck in a war Bush should never have waged and as a result he has unleashed an explosive powder keg in the Middle East. As a result of our policies, terrorism is spreading, rather than abating after 9/11. Warnings before 9/11 weren’t heeded. Airline security wasn’t beefed up with the threat of hijackings. The immediate enemy was not Iraq and now we have a terrorist breeding ground on our hands! When Sandy Berger, of the Clinton Administration, told Condoleezza Rice that the biggest threat to America was al Qaeda, the Bush Administration did not heed this warning until after 9/11 and it has taken 3 years to do something about it