Wake Up America!
April 01, 2004, 2:00am

I understand that for most of you reading this website … I am in many ways preaching to the choir. You know how I feel about this current administration, and many of you feel the same way. But can you believe that some polls now show that more people believe Bush/Rice/Cheney’s take on their handling of intelligence pre-and post-9/11 than the many people inside the administration who have come out to tell us the facts about what really went on – including Richard Clarke and Paul O’Neil (see last week’s statement about Clarke’s take on Bush’s handling of 9/11 for more of my thoughts on this).

I am now listening on tape to the book “House of Bush, House of Saud,” which I highly recommend. Did you know that in 2001, from January-Labor Day, Bush spent 42% of his time on vacation! Is this what we want out of our president?

So here is what I think – we all need to talk to as many people as possible leading up to the election. Ask anyone and everyone you know who still trusts Bush why they have such faith in him. Get to understand their psyches … let them know the truth … do whatever you can! There is so much at stake…