Washington Tweets Barbra… and the fans respond!
June 13, 2014, 3:00am

Barbra was in Washington on Wednesday to raise awareness for Women’s Heart Disease – the #1 killer of Women. Here are some tweets that came out of Washington:

Barbra has been thrilled by the enthusiasm that fans have showed with regards to her ongoing campaign about Women’s Heart Disease. We shared a few of your messages with her and she is genuinely touched. Here they are:

Thank you Ms.Streisand for being our voice on heart disease.

Classic lady and a legend! Best voice ever!

Not only THE BEST singer to have walked among us, she is an advocate for issues that are extremely important !!

I had my heart attack at age 42…no high blood pressure…no high cholesterol…no family history…doctors in er kept saying …”ur just too young – im sure its acid or panic attack…” two hours later i was in ambulance rushing to bigger hospital for stent surgery…i knew in my gut something was wrong – listen to ur gut ladies…put urselves first if u feel something is off

I too had a cardiac experience (minor but enough to get my cardiologist’t attention ) at the age of 40. I was having terrible heart palpitations and my family dr thought it was “just stress”. Thankfully, I demanded to see a cardiologist, and he took my symptoms much more seriously. Like Lynn Wood , the nurses kept saying I was too young. Eventually we found the right treatment & the dr & staff thanked me for paying attn to my body & symptoms because women’s symptoms ARE so different from men.
Pay attn ladies and never settle for “it’s just stress”

Thank you for shining your beautiful light on such a under researched topic!!

Way to go Barbra! We need a strong, well known woman as a voice in congress for all women thk u!!!

Thank you Barbra… Hope they listened… xx

Barbra you are the best you are the most beautiful singer and person, thank you for giving us your beautiful voice all these years, and taking on heart disease in women, you are making your voice heard in many ways! I am blessed to be a healthy 60 year old still running and doing triathlons, in my moms final days she wanted to hear evergreen and my fathers song, thank you Barbra for that, your voice kept her heart going a few extra blessed days

I have had 3 open heart operations for valvular reasons, my mother died age 37 of heart disease, my sister is disabled, and even though I am employed it is not gainfully due to extreme medical costs. I am alive by the grace of God. I am grateful for every word you voice on behalf of the women of this nation for heart health.

Leave it to Barbra to be one of those amazing people who believe in their values enough to cross the aisle in Congress. Thank you from all women.

Barbra your a Beautiful woman, enjoyed all your movies and all your songs too! I was fortunate to see you in concert in Vegas at the MGM, 4 or 5 years ago. Love you!

Nice to see her use her celebrity status is such a positive way to promote women’s heart health.

Thank you my Barbra you have always been a very special lady , love you loads xx

Barbra I’m so proud of what you’ve done and being out representative for all the woman. I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing this. You’ve done so many great things in your lifetime this is got to be one of the best. Thank you Barbra.

Thank you Barbra. A very important issue. In the meantime, we can focus on continuing to eat healthy and exercise. Keep up the good work for us women.

I love your music and just want you to know my mom died of a mass of heart attack and you doing this means so much and now your music means much more! god bless

Well done for pushing for this I am a healthcare worker and couldn’t agree more x

She inspires me to be a better woman.

It’s a wonderful cause for Barbra – without her, I wouldn’t have known anything about this. Also, it is and should be a bipartisan issue.

people sometimes say i look like Barbra Streisand , obviously i dont think so,but its a nice feeling when they say

A beautiful soul, breath-taking singer, amazing actress, and great humanitarian.

That’s my girl!! In addition to her talents, a philanthropic, humanitarian that puts up where here mouth is and goes for what will now save lives. This is not just a singer who acts…..an Amazing Woman and I’m proud to be a devoted FANAddict !!!

Its a wonderful feeling to know the woman I idled since I was 9 is doing so much as a POWERful force

Awesome! My mom has had both, cancer and heart disease. She currently has CHF and will turn 86 in Oct. thanks to the great medications and devices they have these days. With her, there was a family history of heart problems (both her mother and father). Thanks for your efforts!!!

I’ve adored you ( Barbra )since childhood .. A voice so Lovely and her songs are have always touched me.. I remember my brother had a beautiful girlfriend named Valerie and she too was a big fan of Barbra and one who wanted to sing and would excercise her voice listening to her songs.. Through her I grew to love her as a person and amazing singer!! Love you Barbra your generosity in what you’re doing will lead to a greatest break through.. And will surely be a sense of hope to many women !! God Bless !

I have always loved Barbra since I was 16 her singing is the best and now she is helping woman in researching heart disease, she grabs at your heart with her songs forever and will be saving the hearts of many women to come!!!

thank you Queen Barbra Streisand for be a beautifull Human been in our planet. You are the best voice in the Earth. Take Care. You are so beautifull too.

Thank you for what you are doing about women’s heart health. May I add that something else that gets neglected is that whenever you hear about heart health it’s always about the signs a man gets when he is having heart trouble, but never about what a women goes through. We just don’t get the same symptoms and there needs to be more awareness about this.

I am a heart disease patient since 2008 at the age of 48. I was the main NYC police dispatcher on Sept 11, 2001. My condition came about due to job related stress, not physical. Had I not insisted that I remain in the hospital the day of admission I would not be here. They wanted to send me home. So I agree. More has to be researched, done and acknowledged. I would love to join forces with you, Ms Streisand, and help in whatever way I can.

Barbra… You ROCK!