Women’s Voices. Women’s Vote
November 14, 2007, 1:00am

There are 47 million single women eligible to vote in America. At present, 20 million of these women are not voting. Think about that for a moment: That’s a lot of people. That’s a lot of power. Imagine what could happen if these 20 million women could be motivated to participate in the democratic process? The non-profit, non-partisan organization Women’s Voices. Women Vote has made it their mission to engage these women, register them to vote and make them feel their political clout. I have supported Women’s Voices. Women’s Vote in the past, but this year I agreed to lend my voice to their new PSA campaign “20 Million Reasons.”

I urge you to watch the PSA. And I also urge you to forward it to the women in your life and urge them to register if they haven’t already.